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Before filling out the application, please study the CMDF priorities «We Support» and check whether your project idea fits them «Eligibility Checker».


  • Specify the year of foundation, number of members, territory, and activity areas (for organization)
  • Describe your most significant achievements, including experience in the community development (if any)
  • Why do you think you are able to successfully implement the project?

Project Description

1. Problem Description *

  • Describe a community where the project will be implemented: location, basic characteristics
  • Describe the situation, which indicates the presence of a problem in your community; prove relevance, importance, and urgency of this problem using facts, statistical data, and evidence
  • Who and how have already solved similar issues on your community
  • Provide data who and how many community members are affected by the problem, how they respond and how their life would change if the problem wasn't solved

2. Project's Goal *

State the goal as the planned outcome or positive improvement that will be achieved as the result of implementing the project to resolve the stated problem. The goal reveals how the project will enhance local activism and civic participation

3. Project Implementation Plan *

  • Describe the key project activities
  • Describe how the project ensures the involvement of locals through self-organized, collective and positive actions
  • What local resources do you have or plan to attract to implement the project
  • State the expected results, which are to be achieved after project's completion

4. Duration *

Duration of the project in months (up to 12 months)

5. Budget *

Requested amount in USD

Supporting documents (optional, at the discretion of the applicant)