How To Hold a Public Event And Not Quarrel With Authorities

To solve the problems of a city, village or district, the civic activists sooner or later have to contact to the local authorities. As a rule, community leaders realize this when it is necessary to organize a mass public event. The experts of the Interaction Fund (Belarus) Svetlana Poddubnaya and Anton Rodnenkov share their experience what it’s important to do for the efficient coordination with officials.

Lifehack #1 – Find yourself in city plans
There is a plan of city events in each oblast, which, as a rule, is made on the eve of the year, in December. Try to find these documents on official websites and “introduce” your events in official plans. Thus you not only increase your chances on a positive response from local authorities, but you can also get partnership with them.

Lifehack #2 – Use the “former” and famous
Often event organizers forget that among the famous people there are people who can share your values. TV hosts, athletes, musicians can not only promote your event but also help to reach an agreement with local authorities, especially if these people are engaged in politics now.

Lifehack #3 – Music bands
Look for beginners. A promising option is to invite young music bands that are ready to participate for free. The more such music bands you have, the better you program and posters. Also, music bands can tell their fans about the event through social networks, and you will receive additional guests.

Lifehack #4 – Partnership with experienced
A start-up initiative is desirable to find partners who already have experience in contacts with the local authorities. Officials tend to be more cautious about the initiatives they are hearing about for the first time.

Lifehack #5 – Language
Try not to use special vocabulary or foreign words in the titles of events. Not all residents, as well as city authorities, know foreign languages well. The name should be understandable and clear to the audience. A good example of the adaptation of a global event is the action Let’s Do It, which in Belarusian sounds as Zrobim.

Lifehack #6 – Hashtags#
Do not forget about the unique hashtags. They can be used not only in social networks but also displayed on posters. Hashtags can be both international and local. Do not hesitate to remind your friends on social networks to put these hashtags in their messages.

Lifehack #7 – Radio
Activists often forget about this media channel that is an excellent opportunity to tell about the event. To simplify the life of journalists, try to make a short audio recording of your event and send it to the editorial office. Also, do not forget to suggest to local media to become your information partners.

Lifehack #8 – Do not split your personality
Do not think that officials live in a parallel world. You should not write one message on your pages in social networks and talk about something else at a meeting in the municipality. If such “split personality” in your case is inevitable, it is better to close your personal pages in social networks for public.

Lifehack #9 – Remember the corporate style
If you plan to hold your event regularly, it is appropriate to think about the logo. Remember that it is better to coordinate with the local authorities in advance, especially if you plan to use known images.

Lifehack #10 – Start in advance
The earlier the better. Keep in mind that, as a rule, a response from local authorities comes in a month. This is not a fact that the event is approved immediately. If you are planning a public festival, it is better to start preparations at least three months before the planned date.