Online Map Of Local Problems

In March 2015, the site of Horki town, Mogilev oblast posted an interactive map of urban problems. The technology allows any citizen to map a point with a problem that is found in a specific place in the town: a broken road, no trashcan at a stop, no places for taking used bulbs, and so on. Red color indicates problems that are waiting to be solved, green – already solved.

Initially, public activists themselves put on the map the problems articulated by Horki residents during the polls. Now any registered user of the site copes with this.

The map is not only a tool to state about urban problems, but also to solve them and collect successful solutions. Both journalists and local authorities react on the problems that appear on the map. To the moment, about 30 different ideas have been collected to make the town more comfortable for its residents.

Link to online map is HERE