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We are happy to hear your suggestions to improve our services and ready to answer any questions you may have. Here are the most popular questions from our applicants. If your question is not covered, please submit it through the form below.

I don't know how to start? Who can help me?
If you have a solid idea for your local community you can submit it via our website. We will be glad to discuss your idea and assist in writing a project proposal. The key is the idea and your ambition to mobilize people for its implementation and realization.
What types of activities can be supported under a project?
A project budget must reflect the part of program project activity that is focused on local community members’ engagement and active mobilization.

The project budget may include the applicant’s expenses for the organization of the event, the organization of different parts of the mobilizing campaign with limited justified amount of printed materials. All the supposed activities must reflect the local community needs rather than expenses for individuals, a single organization, or group’s interests. Every project budget expenditure must be justified and result-oriented.

We are not to support development of organizations per se. Salaries can only be covered in the amount required for project implementation.

How can I apply for CMDF financial support?

You can fill out an application by filling the form on this website.

Which projects are not supported by CMDF?
The Fund does not support these kinds of activities:

  • Taking part in electoral processes including nomination and recall of deputies
  • Extremism in any form; propaganda for violence and brutality or kindling of hostility between separate social, religious, racial, political, and other groups.
  • Agitation in interests of concrete political groups or politician
  • Organization of actions abroad (including study visits and working meetings)
  • Book publication or translation
  • Movie shooting and audio recording
  • Holding of investigations and scientific activities
  • Organization of public protests
  • Acquisition or reconstruction of buildings or other real estate and/or implementation of infrastructural projects
  • Activities of professional or other clubs
  • Commercial projects
  • Equipment purchase
  • Sponsorship or charity activities

Online-projects (except mass media) are not excluded, however, the priority of CMDF is to support social activities in real life. This Fund expects applicants to provide a clear interconnection of online-activities and real life mobilization of civic activism.

How can the members of local communities engage in project activities?
As the priority of CMDF projects is the engagement of the people living in a local community, it is very important that local participation is implemented at the onset of the project. The main criteria are:

  • Result oriented and beneficial for every member of the community
  • Targeted at long term results
  • Integrated into a wider context of territorial and regional development

Separately, the mechanism of practical participation of community members is very important in a project’s activities. It concerns participation in preparatory actions and implementation (cleaning of park territory, fair creation and participation, taking part in the Days of the city/town).

How long does it take for a decision to be made and what happens after I apply?
Applicants will receive the results of their project consideration within approximately 12 weeks. CMDF Boards take place on quarterly basis.
Every application is considered on an emulative principle. The aim of the Fund is to support effective projects that are oriented towards practical results – the main aspect of which is strengthening the capacity of local community and improving peoples’ lives. After every CMDF Board, all applicants receive feedback entailing the decision that was made and CMDF’s vision for future action.