Local Community Saves the Village School

Nadezhda Lebedeva, a teacher from the village Rudnia Teleshovskaya, was able to save the only school. The school with only 32 pupils was planned to be closed as ‘unpromising’, but thanks to local activists, it has been revived and become an example for the whole region. Nadezhda Lebedeva, a graduate of the 2016 Leadership in […]

Neighborhood Festival in Brest

In July 2017, Brest hosted the Neighborhood Festival, a non-standard urban event of one courtyard. The fest agenda included a many-hour picnic, master classes, performances, and freemarket. The festival activities were designed for everybody: children sculpted from clay, competed in sports races, painted a wall; teens and adults spent in a photo, bookcrossing, and dances […]

Alternative Уard

The goal of Minsk’s “Alternative Yard” project is the participation of local communities in urban yards design. Details at www.urbanist.by

Local Community Lights up a Yard, Changes Environment, Works with Authorities

Local community activists in Vitebsk organized an exhibition under the sky, named Svet (Svet in Belarusian language means both “light” and “world”) to bring attention to a house at Kastrychnitskaya, 13, an architectural monument, with a cozy yard and brick walls. This house is an extraordinary place for the community: an example of the old […]

Apple Tree Garden in Kurasovschina

When Minsk authorities decided to demolish the apple tree garden located in the area of the Children’s Hospital of Kurasovschina, this decision was taken without proper consultations with the district residents. The original plan was to remove the apple trees to make way for the construction of three apartment buildings. For the purpose of maintaining […]

Drops in the Ocean: How to Build a Village Aqua Park

These village children can enjoy spending time in their own village aqua park. They can roll off the water-slide and jump from the spring-board. Playing football and volleyball as well as swimming in the pool are also on the list. The village now also receive a lot of guests who want to visit the park. […]

Building a “Community Bridge”

Citizens of small town always complained about the town key problem, lack of bridge over the railroad, which divided the city and made local transportation very inconvenient. Considering this issue existed for quite long time without any reaction from local authorities, a group of local activists from the local initiative created an interactive platform to […]

Family Budget and Fitness

Irina is now not only a mother of seven children but also a fitness trainer and founder of the local NGO. This organization of Brest families with many children got together for mutual actions and assistance. How to manage a family budget; what parents can do when younger kids are not doing well with older […]