Building a “Community Bridge”

Citizens of small town always complained about the town key problem, lack of bridge over the railroad, which divided the city and made local transportation very inconvenient. Considering this issue existed for quite long time without any reaction from local authorities, a group of local activists from the local initiative created an interactive platform to talk about the problem and collect signatures for building a bridge. The initiative managed to partner with a local university to hold a competition among senior students to design alternative options for bridge construction. Detailed and professional cost analysis of bridge construction was conducted. The activists presented the alternative bridge designs and cost analysis to local community, submitted them to local government and distributed among local media and construction companies. In recognition of the bridge issue importance the local administration invited the local initiative to a public discussion and offered a job to the winner of the architectural competition. While the bridge construction is long and complicated process, the initiative mobilized local community, made practical steps towards problem resolution and draw local authorities’ attention to the issue.

Offering concrete solutions with cost analysis to local authorities is putting an Idea to Actions.