Making Community Life Cleaner and More Comfortable

The initial step that gave a push and lodged trust was installation of a traffic light at one of Minsk streets s following collection of local residents’ signatures. Then, the local community under local activists’ leadership identified the most urgent issues and sent appeals to local authorities. Local administration organized public hearings to discuss the […]

In Minsk, People To People Redefined

In Hrusauka, a district in Minsk settled originally by railways workers a traditional “people to people” event re-defines community action. “Subbotnik” (collective free work) were a way of life here, but got lost in later. Now the Hrusauka youth recollects the ideas of elder generation to do something together for the sake of community. They […]

Critical Mass Raises Awareness of Cycling Conditions

Critical Mass, a community of cyclists raises awareness of the cycling conditions by increasing the number of cyclists on its rides. The largest gathering with over 150 cyclists riding through the city of Minsk happened on 30th of May. It had to show to local authorities and citizens the need of re-structuring the traffic in […]

Flourishing Rural Community

“Запрашаем сяброў!” is a motto of the annual folk festival in small village. It is worth visiting this small village to see enthusiastic people and strong community with and actual NGO as the core of it. Chapel renovation, cemetery cleaning, festivals organization, flowers planting for attractive landscaping of the village – everything seems to be […]

Speaking Locally: Steet Names Bring Back Belarusian Traditions

Activists of Belarusian Language Partnership have been active to attract local community and local authority’s attention in different parts of Belarus on naming of new streets, correct transliteration process. In Brest civil hearings on the street-names have been initiated by activists and adopted by the authorities. Activists raised awareness of historical and topological background of […]

Making Minsk Airport Barrier Free

Yevgeniy Shevko as a Head of Republican Association of People in Wheelchairs travels a lot. His experience with Minsk national airport used to be far from smooth and pleasant. Despite the association effort to raise attention and train airport staff regarding safe transportation for people in wheelchairs, passing the air harbor for people in wheelchairs […]

Nasha Mova

During two weeks journeys in municipal buses in Brest were different and more exciting. Activists and volunteers of Brest local NGO were trying to attract young people to reading Belarusian literature in origin directly in public transport. Volunteers, most of them students, chose abstracts from writings of prominent Belarusian authors and developed posters design. The […]

ABC of Local Community

“Kirmash praektau” (Projects Market) is a series of civic hearings hold by civil cultural campaign Budzma Belarusami (Let’s Be Belarusians). The campaign has been collecting culture related ideas in all five regions of Belarus for years. The original goal was to dig for ideas directly from local communities, have a wide public discussion on these […]