The pensioner is forced to demolish the rural water park, which he built for the whole village

We told about the initiative of the pensioner Vyacheslav Kozel from the Ogorodniki village (Lida district), who built a water park near his house for all comers. The story has continued, but not very iridescently. Next year, the locals will hardly find their favorite place: the regional executive committee recognized the site of the grandpa Slava, as he is called here, unauthorized and subjected to dismantling.

Vyacheslav Kozel arranged the sports and entertainment complex across the road from his house, on the Nioman river bank, which was abandoned seven years ago. Volleyball court was the first; then swings and horizontal bars were built. The pensioner built a pool on his own plan: he dug a recess for the bowl, concreted the base and slope supports, connected the pump so that the water would swing from the river and pour through the gutter, like in a real aquapark.

After the articles in newspapers, local officials started to take an interest in the active villager. Vyacheslav was accused of seizing the land. In fact, the site does not belong to him, but to the local agricultural enterprise “Belitsa-Agro”. Another claim is that the self-made attractions are not certified, do not comply with the state standards, and respectively unsafe. The altruist pensioner was fined, and now he is forced to demolish illegal buildings.

The chair of the local Council, Nina Urbanovich, understands the motives of Vyacheslav Kozel but, as a representative of the authorities, she considers him a violator:

– If he had built on his own homestead, then for God’s sake, no complaints would be. But he began to run on the land which does not belong to him. He did not agree anything. He went against all laws and regulations. I advised him: carry out examinations, legalize it, start individual entrepreneurship. He has one answer – “Why do I need this?” The district executive committee ordered to demolish the aquapark. I think they will take away only the most dangerous things – a hill and a merry-go-round, where children can be crippled. Football gates, for example, could be left, they do not threaten anyone.

As an alternative, the local authorities have already built a new playground in Ogorodniki from the forest side.