We Support

Pact believes that developing civic activism on the level of a local community is the most effective entry point to larger civic engagement in Belarus because issues of where people live concern them most directly.

Pact believes that community development is a complex process, including economic, social, infrastructural, environmental, cultural and other issues.

Through CMDF Pact supports a component of that larger community development theme that deals with grassroots activism and community engagement;

And a component of the grassroots activism and community engagement that deals with self-generated collective positive action;

Because we have limited resources and because we believe that supporting negative action perpetuates paternalism and that self-generated collective positive action should be “promoted” with external resources as addition to local mobilization.

What Is Community Development

Community development is a process when the residents unite their efforts to solve common local issues on the ground. Community Development Fund (CMDF) aims to support local initiatives in Belarus.

The ultimate purpose of community development is to improve the quality of life of local residents. External assistance shows its usefulness, but only in the short term. Steady, positive changes are possible where the residents unite with each other, initiate, implement and influence the changes in their houses, courtyard, city, or country.

Terms of Support

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. The decision to support or reject project proposals is made by the Fund Board, usually once a quarter.

Who can apply: Registered and unregistered non-profit non-governmental organizations, informal civil initiatives and citizens.

Duration of the project: 12 months.

Budget: The amount of funding depends on the specifics, duration of the project and scope of activities. The maximum amount of funding for a project can not exceed $10,000. The average funding is around $4,000-$6,000.

Submission and consideration of project proposals: Project proposals are submitted via the online form on the website in the section Apply Now.

With additional questions, please email CMDF @ pactworld.org

Our Priorities

We support ideas based on an understanding of the community issues and take into account all stakeholders that might be affected by the issue. This means that before you apply for the CMDF, please you ask your neighbors, local officials and other people if they really care about the problem that is important to you.

We support projects that show an understanding of the overall context. This means that you, firstly, should previously study how similar issues have already been resolved in your community and, possibly, in other localities, and secondly, you should be aware that your initiative fits into the development plan for your district or region.

We support civic activism at the grassroots level, a personal initiative of a citizen or a group of people. This means that it is personally important for you to solve the problem or to implement a useful idea. You’re ready to sacrifice your time and implement your idea at your own resources.

We support a group solution of issues that involves different categories of citizens in joint activities. We welcome the participatory approach when all stakeholders are involved in the project at all stages, including problems assessment, planning, solving problems and celebrating the success.

We support projects that involve maximum available local resources, including engaging supporters, local authorities, business, volunteers, and request reasonable, justified support from the CMDF.

We support projects at different levels – from yards landscaping to campaigns that improve the quality of life, prevent the disappearance of something good, correct injustice and strengthen the influence of citizens on decision-making in their interests.